Hotdesk Centres in Commuter Towns (a dizzy thought)

I was thinking … wouldn’t it be great to have dedicated hotdesk centres in commuter belt towns? 

In a world where we’re encouraged to work more and commute less wouldn’t specialist centres with dedicated technology and support be a thriving idea?

Employers could pay for rental hot desk space, with PC and telecommunications set up and maintained – with none of the worries of homeworking employees liability insurance, health and safety concerns or payment towards broadband/heat/light.

A hot desking centre means I have a place to go to work which is on my doorstep but I still get to live in the town of my choice.

Plus a great networking centre too (espceially for the self employed).  I might even get to talk to people who live near me – instead of watching another single occupancy car overtake me on my 25 mile route to work.

Such a great business idea … hot desk centres with flexible rental in every major commuter town in Britain?  Yes please!

My only reservation – be kind to the existing community and architecture – after all the idea is to bring the office to your choice of residential town, not to destroy the reasons why you love it so.

 UPDATE: 20 Dec 2006

Seems I am already behind with the times 🙂

Telework Association has a list of telecentres (just none near me … for now )

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