Christmas Shopping – Give While You Spend

If you’re shopping online this year for your Christmas gifts you could be giving to charity at the same time.  Many small charities and local branches of big organisations have a shop and receive commission for the goods you buy (at no cost to you).

It’s easy!  Find the charity shop of your choice, click through to the retailer of your choice and the store will give them a commission and it costs you nothing!  You can also search for gifts across all the retailers using the site. 

Major stores include Marks and Spencers 3%, Virgin Wines 10%,  Gamestation 3-5%, HMV 7%, Waterstones 6.5%, Thorntons 10%, 2%, Natural Collection 7%, John Lewis 2%. (Please check commission for yourself as these details might change!)

The site will tell you the commission deal for different retailers. So I you intend to shop for items from big online shops why not give as you go?

Here’s a few shops: Himalayan Learning RSPCA Birmingham Branch Macmillan Cancer Relief

There’s over 8000 groups with shops – you can search for other groups and charities 

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