Forget Respect Agenda. Start with Kindess.

It might seem a simplistic view – but it seems to me that most trouble in our world could be combatted with kindness.

If we stopped worrying about who we ‘should’ respect and how, and start with kindness towards everyone I’m sure we’d go a long way together.

I’m not saying kindness solves everything – but it’s such a basic principle and such a simple thing to give, such a simple code to live by.  What have we got to lose?

Get the idea at:

And if you’re really feeling happy and liberated check out and skip for joy!

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One Comment on “Forget Respect Agenda. Start with Kindess.”

  1. Yes, you are right. We gorillas always try to be kind, especially to other apes. I get dizzy like you, but it’s usually because I’m swinging from a branch.

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