Friends for Sale

If you’re lacking friends on your MySpace site you can now buy yourself some fake ones from

According to the New York Times:

“Enter, a business founded by Brant Walker, which offered users of and similar sites a way to enhance their page with photographs and comments from hired “friends” — mainly attractive models — for 99 cents a month each.”

How cheap the price of friendship! 

I’m not convinced however that the number of names in your friends list is really an indication of how interesting, cool or funny you are.  It’s not about tick lists and ratings – it’s about being alive and making real connections to people.

It’s a sad world if you get remembered on your death as someone who had a lot of friends on MySpace.  Even sadder if it turns out you bought them …

Save yourself 50 pence a month and try a bit of human kindness or even just a smile.  It’s free and it’s value is far greater.

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One Comment on “Friends for Sale”

  1. Jardini Says:

    This is so lame…
    My space now is full of e-hos, I get invitation all the time from those people and their account usually gets deleted in a week

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