Oi Tesco! No!

I’ve turned into a campaigner.  Well, I’ve written my first ever email to my local councillors.

My local paper reports that my Tesco store is planning to tear down it’s existing building (which is already full of uneccessary purchases) to build a new larger store. 

But what really insenses me is that they claim the new store will be one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in the city being made of 85% recyclable materials.

Oh really?  What about the waste produced and energy wasted on tearing down the existing store?  What about the energy used and by products from making these new materials to build with?  What about the energy and pollution of building a totally uneccessary building?

I think Tesco are missing the point.  Actually I think Tesco are using a green label to try and sell what is essentially a money making exercise to the public.  And I’m also sure it’s not just happening where I live.

I want my local council to support small and local businesses and shops.  I want local produce and niche speciality shops in my city – not blumin’ great identikit supermarkets! 

Stop it Tesco.  Be happy with your current home or move out. 

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2 Comments on “Oi Tesco! No!”

  1. dibnah Says:

    I agree fully and also never set foot in Tesco. Keep up the good fight.

  2. […] scheme has alarmed local people on many different issues, not least the environmental impact of such an […]

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