Feel better and save money (on NHS perscriptions)

Well the NHS kept this one quiet.  I found out from my pharmacist today that if I’m getting more than one item a month on a regular basis I could be saving money with a NHS Perscription Pre-Payment Certificate (PPC).

If, like me, you have 2 items every month (which is £13.30 normally) you can save over £18 with a 4-month certificate or over £64 a year with the 12-month certificate.
Currently a PPC costs:

£34.65 for a 4-month PPC; and
£95.30 for a 12-month PPC

Anyone can apply (unless you qualify for free perscriptions of course) and it’s a NHS thing.

Here’s the link to apply online https://www.ppa.org.uk/ppa/ppc/do/PatientOrderPage#top

You can get the PPC backdated up to a month and get perscriptions re-imbursed but ONLY if you have a special receipt from the chemist given only at the time you pay for it.

So if (like me) you have 4 items to get make sure you ask for an NHS receipt in order to claim it back and that you apply for your certificate back-dated to that day.

Oh … and feel better 🙂

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