Mobile Phones and Hospitals

So much controversy in the British press recently about the cost of the major supplier of patient phones in our hospitals. 

Many hospitals continue to disallow the use of mobile phones on wards even though it’s been proven that they do not interfere with equipment – now citing distruption and protecting patients privacy from camera phones.

Here’s an idea … how about a deal with a manufacturer/service provider to provide basic camera free mobile phones with a limited ring tone volume.  These handsets could be rented to patients for a small fee or even for a returnable deposit.  It would be possible for sim cards to have a limited life with a special patient tariff, even restricting the time of day incoming calls could be received.

The manufacturer/provider gets another advert for their brand and patients get the benefit of being able to keep in contact with friends and family which must help to aid recovery and moral.

I anticipate an arguement of how this would be policed – well the ban on mobiles in effected hospitals must be ‘enforced’ in just the same way.  After all it comes down to common sense and respect.  If ill in hospital I don’t need you relative pacing up and down by my bed saying “I’m at the hospital” al too loudly.  But equally I don’t need to feel isolated, alone or ripped off either.

The other idea that occurs to me is using an internet phone system with exisiting cabling and technology in place – which could offer virtually free calls with the same level of control.

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