Bureaucracy? I’ll Tell You After 2.30pm

Bureaucracy feels so conspiratorial when you’re vulnerable.

I’m sure my GP surgery has a Good Reason for only giving out blood tests results after 2.30pm.  But I have a Good Reason for ringing at 1pm.  I might be an hour and a half early  but I’m also nearly two days late.

Even though the results are important to me my illness means I forget.  So instead of chomping at the bit and ringing at 2.30pm on Friday when I was told they would be in my brain finally kicks in at 1pm Tuesday.

Do I in fact have a treatable condition?  A condition with recognition and medical nod of respect? 

I’ll have to wait another hour and a half to find out.  If I’m well enough by then to manage to talk to a stranger on the phone.  And if I remember of course.

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