ME/CFS Awareness Day – 12th May 2007

UPDATE: Blog with me for 2008 International ME/CFS Awareness Day

12th May 2007 is International ME/CFS Awareness Day.  Whether you are a sufferer, a friend of a sufferer, a health practicioner or an activist you can get involved!

Here are a few ideas for ways to help support this awareness day.  Some require more energy than others!

Why not …?

– Blog about this illness.  Share your personal experience to help educate others, share some facts and figures.  Share some links that give more information and explain why you’re blogging about it.

– Add a line to your email signature telling people about the day and/or display a badge on your web site.  Maybe add a link to a site with good information about ME/CFS if you’re not up to writing about it yourself.

– Tell those around you what it’s all about.  It’s easy for us to hide how this illness affects both sufferer and those around them – now could be the time to educate people.

– Have a mini-fundraiser for an ME/CFS group (for instance a small coffee morning or yard sale)

– Offer to speak at a local group or club about living with the condition or caring for a sufferer.

– Write to your MP, congressional representative or government representative in your country.

– Support an organised event.  Many support and action groups are running events and you can find details on their web sites.

– Send a poster or some leaflets to your doctors surgery.  Action groups can often supply posters and leaflets.

– Wear a ME/CFS t-shirt or blue ribbon.

– Alert the media.  Write to your local paper.  Contact your llocal tv or radio station about the awareness day.  If you’re able offer to speak to them about your experiences. 

– Post on a non-CFS/ME space or forum about the illness and spread the word

– Set up a display.  Ask your local library, shopping centre or church if you can put up a display to educate people about CFS/ME

– Reach out to a sufferer.  ME/CFS can be a terribly isolating illness.  If you know a sufferer drop them a line to say you’re thinking of them or offer to do something practical for them.

– Ask your friends to join you in whatever way you choose to support the day.

Thanks to CFIDS and their information pack for kickstarting this list

Here are some links to ME/CFS organisations supporting the 2007 ME/CFS Awareness Day: have an Awareness Information Pack (US)

More on CFIDS lobby day on May 12th

Action for ME are focusing on “ME and men” and also have an information pack and advice on how to support the day has diary dates of events by local ME Assocation groups (UK)

More about BRAME , the blue ribbon and the awareness day aims

And May 12th 2007 is also Awareness Day 2007 Fibromyalgia:

If you have other links please  let me know!

Thank you to Blue Coffee Mug for inspiring me into action!

I have made some badges you are free to use on your blog or web site. You can find a selection of badges over at my other blog rachelcreative

UPDATE: Find out more about CFS, ME, CFIDS, PVFS!  I have collected lots of links to sites and resources on CFS/ME which may be useful – you can find them at

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7 Comments on “ME/CFS Awareness Day – 12th May 2007”

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  2. Rachel Says:

    Oh Gosh, Rachel… I am speechless.

    I really thought I could not do anything this year. Now, I am inspired by you.
    Thank you very much for designing the badge. I love it. I will update my post and show your designs to people. Thank you very much. You really made me smile today.

    Rachel in Down Under 🙂

  3. […] campaign. Now we have specially designed badges for the Awareness Day. She inspired me more with her ideas about this campaign and we have full permission from her to use her badge for the ME/CFS Awareness […]

  4. Leigh Fenton Says:

    Hi Rachel

    I think your fundraising ideas for M.E. Awareness Day are excellent! Would you be happy for me to forward your ideas on our e-mail noticeboard?

    Leigh Fenton
    Action for M.E.

  5. Leigh – yes no problem but might need to credit CFIDS and their information pack which kickstarted the list.

    I’ve edited the post today to make that a bit clearer. And you might want to tidy it up a bit – I’m having a fogged-up week! 🙂

  6. Von Jones Says:

    well done! I couldn’t see where to contact you so writing here – hope this is right!
    There is also an ME awareness leaflet
    (large print so can be read without specs!) aimed at the general public called ME Awareness leaflet in Word Mk 4.doc downloadable from

    People have been distributing them at shops, docs and dentists waiting rooms, shops, workplaces, pubs clubs etc and at churches after prayers for ME awareness too.

  7. The Thief of Many Lives
    The Reality of living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Until you read “The Thief of Many Lives” you too may have questioned the validity of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a real illness. It is VERY real, especially for us the sufferers and our caregivers. The credibility and validity of this disease has long been a most difficult message to convey to our Government, Physicians, Healthcare Professionals, friends, families and general public.

    What makes this even more challenging than how we might physically appear is the inappropriate name given to such a serious and debilitating disease. Consequently, one of the worse things someone can say to a person with CFS is how well we look on a particular day … we must be feeling “better” … “better” than what? Death? Unfortunately, CFS victims generally do not feel better than death … warmed over or otherwise!

    Lengths of time go by, month, seasons, and then years when all of our reserve energy is used simply to eat and breathe and those are the “good” days. Unfortunately, not many see this as most people with CFS are left to suffer behind closed doors. Unexplainably, our cries for awareness, and validity continue to fall upon deaf ears. WAKE UP AMERICA !

    CFS is at epidemic proportions destroying lives and affecting millions of people worldwide.

    May 12th is International CFS Awareness Day. Please make your voice be heard. Inform others about the tragic impact this illness is having on you, your loved one and our nation.

    BE AWARE OR BEWARE … As you could be writing this letter from your bed next May 12th.

    Read The Thief of Many Lives here:

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