Letter to my MP on APPG on M.E.

I wrote to my MP on 24 June 2010 urging him to lend his support to the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on M.E. which desperately needs new bood after the last election saw several members leave such as a MP from a nearby town who had to retire for health reasons.

The first letter I sent was based on the draft letter provided by the ME Association with some personal things added – me being a constituent with ME.  Then after I sent the letter a report came to light from West Midlands ME Groups Consortium which helps to stress why the APPG reforming is so important .  And it can’t reform without the involvement of MP’s.

The text of the 2nd letter is below.  I am still waiting for a response to both/either letter.  The APPG on ME was due to meet on 30 June but now are meeting today 7 July 2010.  I wonder if my MP will be there?

24 June 2010

Dear Mr Fabricant

Further to my message earlier today, urging you to join the APPG on M.E., I would like to share with you a relevant paper from the West Midlands ME Groups Consortium (WMMEG) which has just been published.

The WMMEG is calling for role of the new British

Association for CFS/ME (BACME), who have taken over as the training forum for NHS staff involved in the care of people with ME/CFS, to be examined by the All Party Parliamentary Group on ME (APPG) when the group reforms – preferably before the next BACME training and education conference due to be held in October 2010.

It is essential that health professionals and students are properly trained about this serious chronic physical illness which affects over 250,000 people in the UK alone.  I have personal experience, as do have many of my friends with ME, of encountering doctors and trained health professionals who have little or no knowledge of our illness and therefore no understanding of how treatments and other medical problems can interact with ME.

You can imagine the impact that has on my health and wellbeing if you consider, for instance, a person with diabetes or high blood pressure being advised or treated with no consideration or recognition of their medical condition.  ME effects multiple body systems including my neurological responses to my immune, endocrine and cardiovascular systems so is not something that health professionals can afford to be ignorant of in caring for me.

The WMMEG feels that BACME “needs to be more publicly accountable, would benefit from wider patient participation and is too much under the influence of the psychiatric lobby.”

 Also “not only is BACME not monitored by the Department of Health, but neither are the NHS services for CFS/ME”.

 WWMEG has been raising concerns about the psychological bias of the education and training of health professionals around ME since 2007.

 It’s time this issue was taken seriously and I hope this demonstrates how important it is that the APPG on M.E. reforms so it can examine this issue.

 The APPG on ME can only be reformed with the support of MP’s like you as my elected representative. Many key members of the group are no longer able to contribute including Tony Wright, the former MP for Cannock, who had to stand down at the last election due to health reasons.

 Here is a link for the WMMEG paper which gives a briefing about BACME and the consortium’s concerns, as well as a report from the last meeting of the APPG by Dr Charles Shepherd of the ME Association (a prominent ME patient group of which I am a member).


 I tried to attach this to the message but got an error from the website.

 Thank you for your time.

 Yours sincerely

 Rachel Groves

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