Money (for charity) for Nowt

I’m loving and as someone who does makes most of my purchases online it’s a fantstic way to raise a bit of money for charity really easily.

You register, choose your charity (for me it’s the ME Association) and when you want to make a purchase online check if the retailer is registered on easyfundraising, then click through to the site and shop like normal.

I’m averaging a 3% donation on purchases from eligible retailers and it’s a thrill to see the amount I’ve raised steadily climb.

I also get cashback on my Smile credit card – which ironically when I got it paid a better cashback rate than the charity credit cards donated to causes.  So I use my credit card for everything to maximise my cashback (not so great since the credit crunch but still a bonus) and keep a note of each month’s cashback.  Once I’m up to a tenner or more I’ll donate that to a charity – and of course as I use my credit card I get a bit of cashback on that too.

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